Friday, 19 August 2016

A-Levels Results a No Show for School

Despite yesterday being A-Level results day, wherein all sixth form students received grades at AS or A Level, the overall results for Hampstead School seem to have gone amiss.

Whereas many of the other schools in the area had published their results for the year by yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, Hampstead had yet to do so. The traditional press-release-cum-news-article on the school website has yet to appear online by the writing of this article, and the local newspapers have yet to carry an article themselves detailing the school's successes or, more likely, failings, in spite of a Ham and High journalist being present in the Sixth Form area to photograph students opening their results, according to Trash sources.

This leaves us only able to speculate on why such results have yet to make it into the public domain. Whilst, in true Hampstead fashion, it could simply be down to a case of administrative incompetency, the school has published their results steadfastly in previous years, making results vending the one thing you could call them vaguely competent at. Given the slump in grades over the past few years since the heady heights of the '5 Year Trend' era, perhaps the school is simply shielding themselves from another year of regress rather than progress.

Such regress may be evident from a different article posted on the school website only eleven days ago, in which the school advertise that "Hampstead School still has some Sixth Form places available to start September 2016", a stark change from the boasts of over-subscription told of a few years ago (back when the school made all Year 11s apply to Hampstead regardless of whether they wanted to attend). Perhaps two years of bad results have seen in another, and a lack of students to pick them up again. With Big Brother withholding the facts and figures, we have yet to find out.

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