Thursday, 25 August 2016

Post Haste

Exactly a week after A-Level Results Day, Hampstead's school-wide results were published in today's Ham and High.

Despite keeping completely silent on the day, and the week after, the school's results were shown in a league table no less, placing them in the bottom third of local schools. The school still has yet to publish any results themselves, the website only today featuring a three-sentence ‘article’ that didn’t actually specify any of the “tremendous” results achieved. Or, rather, not achieved.

Despite the number of A*-A's being up by 4.4% on last year's 10% and A*-B being up by 5%, the number of much-sought-after A*-C fell on last year from 61% to 56%. Equally, the number of A*-E fell by 5% from 97% last year to 92% this year, meaning 8% of A-levels entered by students failed to achieve a grade at all.

This polarisation of A-level results suggests that, unlike in other years, students at Hampstead are either doing very well or not well at all, almost a tenth of sat subjects failing to qualify. This could be due to the numerous changes to the education system in recent years, many of which coming into place this year and the next, or simply the school’s ever-growing lack of regard for education.

Hampstead's inability to publish their results was not helped by the local press. Despite having a journalist taking photographs and details of students on the day (last Thursday), no articles featured in today's Ham and High about Hampstead and how their A-level students had done, nor on their website either. The Camden New Journal wasn’t so good themselves either, featuring photos and news from only four of the Camden sixth forms. Once again, selective editing seems to have negated the local comprehensive.

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