Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Parents are Revolting!

It seems it’s not just our Head that is trigger-happy when it comes to phoning the police, and not alone in his bonkers pursuit of ‘perfect’ school attire.

According to an article in The Times, considerably less apathetic and considerably more aware parents at Hartsdown Academy, Kent, had to be calmed by police after “50 children were sent home from school for not wearing the correct uniform.”

One such parent commented that some children were “sent away from the gate without a phone call. The school has a duty of care – anything could have happened to those children.” That parent would be right; sending children home without a phone call to parents is common practice at Hampstead School too, despite the children technically being under the school’s protection during school hours. We’re surprised more Hampstead parents aren’t as livid as those at Hartsdown.

The Headteacher of the academy stated that “A minority of parents are not happy […] a few lost their temper.” You don’t say. Children are expected to go to school to learn, not be Stormtrooper-models in their respective Head’s totalitarian vision, as we have been saying for some time now. Turning students away for not having the correct uniform is tantamount to placing their look and dress over their future, which says something about the school’s priorities.

Equally, the parents have the right to have a long leash on their temper; sending students home means parents can no longer delight in the knowledge that their children are safe with responsible adults. Instead, rather, they could be, well, anywhere.

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