Monday, 3 October 2016

Trashing The Hampstead Brand

Hampstead's logo is on everything. Well, nearly everything. Like a parasitic insect, it plagues every item of party literature official poster in Hampstead - every piece of paper that dares place itself on any of a number of asbestos-ridden display boards. Like the Head's trademark smile-grimace as it drifts through a classroom, it rarely needed or wanted, and unashamedly represents deeper systemic problems.

The problem is that Hampstead's management seeks an entirely uniform learning experience, in spite of the fact that (despite teacher departures) Hampstead teaches a range of subjects; they seek to impose upon students an experience where the Head's word is as tiredly propagated in PE lessons as it would be in a Maths lesson. Instead of trusting departments to properly educate pupils with the aid of any subject specific schemes and lesson formats they may choose to implement, the Head, in what little time he doesn't spend formulating tired analogies for assemblies on 'progress', doles out obtrusive policies that have, as we have repeated many times, nothing to do with learning.

The logo represents the SLT's apparent desire for school-wide unity through experiencing the harsh reality of mismanagement. It cannot be convincingly argued, for example, that the Head is genuinely more aware of the requirements for a good English lesson, than, who knows, an English teacher. Why, then, do the overwhelming majority of the Head's 'initiatives' (see Trash passim) seem to be based upon the false premise that the Head is both aware of and in tune with what happens in classrooms for the 59 minutes of each lesson he does not witness? As displayed by the Head's stonewall approach to this blog, as well as to any and all dissenting opinions, he must either believe that he is aware of and in tune with the true nature of learning as it occurs at Hampstead, or that such an awareness is an unnecessary burden upon a Headteacher such as himself.

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