Monday, 12 December 2016

Don't Break the Law Kids

While researching the tomes of a time long passed, I came across a peculiar passage. After being sidetracked for a brief time by doodles instructing me to go to different pages, only to be greeted by various foreign incantations of “smash”, I found what I was looking for. There, squarely placed in the middle of the page was a spell, a spell to make myself invisible (much like the students' voice in the body politik of the school) - I quickly jotted it down in the planner which I have on my person at all times. I am unable to learn without it.

Outside the giant lego building new school building I took a breath, before uttering those magic words -
“Reada Hampteadius Trashodas!” and in a puff of fruity language and narcissistic self-righteousness, I became invisible to the naked eye. I quickly ran inside, and in an act of blind anger ran up the stairs. On the first floor, I saw the trial that lay before me. Going down the stairs that I had just ascended on. A group of confused year sevens were turned away. I was still invisible. Waiting for the constant chirping of the lesser years to die down to a slightly more tolerable level, I took another breath, and in act of defiance that I’m sure did away with one of the fundamental laws of thermodynamics or some other science mumbo jumbo, I went down the staircase. However, as I ran down, I was suddenly stopped. An invisible force had stopped me in my tracks. The spell was destroyed at this revelation, and I was exposed for all to see. After the SLuTs found me, I was ushered away in a flurry of walkie-talkie talk too brown nosed to have anything like a meaning to anyone not fluent in the tones and talk of condescension.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY? DOnt Go agaiNSt the TIde? MAyBe? OR mayBE The RULES are Often DOnE For NO PRaGMaTIc and LOGICaL reasON IDC reaLLyd

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