Friday, 13 January 2017

This Week in Quotes

President elect, Donads Trump, is quoted to say when visiting Hampstead school; "The buzz is a failing pile of garbage."

I have captured the last image of Mr. Presdident, Donald "Get in the" Trump, Trump; before his toupe flew off into the cold night's air my camera mysteriously stopped working and my wallet grew ten fold in size and weight. As you can see here, his hair has a golden glow that sparkles almost as much as the young man's eyes - when asked how he keeps such a healthy sheen, he simply winked and whispered he takes 'Golden Showers'. As soon as I find out what that cryptic message means, I'll be sure to enlighten you, dear reader, on how to get sheen shine gold wow hair like the Trump himself.

 Jack "Life but every time my wife leaves me it gets faster" Gough

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