Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Wavey Wednesday Cartoon #5

Smelliseaskape seen diving around the issue

In events unforeseen by the staff here at the Trash, the decapitated Head has stated his wishes to absolve himself of any more going-ons at Hampstead School, and was last seen entering a submarine covered in more metal than the Tin Man. After plummeting twenty thousand leagues under the old school pond, he quickly realised how much of an insane idea it was to literally delve away from his problems, and took off his metal sea diver suit as fast as the Tin Man in an R-rated movie. In unrelated news, I have recently watched The Wizard of Oz and it's really good right? Like, woah man. That's some serious stuff there.

Love, Jack "Concept: I am thirty eight, you are my best friend of twenty years. I put the kids to sleep. I sneak down to the kitchen and take out a large bottle of Pinot before pouring it into a modest-sized glass. I take a sip. I wink at you." Gough

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