Friday, 18 October 2013

LEAKED Suggestions from the Year 10 Suggestion Box

Today a chief whistle-blower, Julie LaSange, leaked confidential documents to the Trash by hacking into the heavily guarded suggestion boxes (they were unlocked). LaSange, who hopes to have her story turned into a feature film starring Benedict Cumberbatch shortly, gave us the following document that we provide her safe passage to a Russian Airport.

So there we have it, Hampstead has spoken with its usual wit. Whilst there are bigger issues at large, let us, at least for today, protest for the enlargement of jelly pots, ballot for boy band excursions and petition for the liberation of the phone that will allow Saul to contact his mother.

DISCLAIMER: These documents are real, and have been secured by operatives for the Trash from School. This article is so that these documents can be accessed in the public domain.

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  1. Thanks this has made my day, especially as Saul is my son.