Monday, 25 November 2013

Practice Room Ransacked

Trash Reporters have learned of a break-in that occurred on the Thursday of last week. According to sources, one of the practice rooms in the Music corridor, containing a music tutor's belongings, was opened using a set of keys and subsequently ransacked. No single group of students has been charged as of yet, but it is alleged that the destruction was caused by a group of Year 10's.

As far as our investigative powers can go, we understand that nothing was taken from the room, however several items of both the tutor's and the school's were broken. The news follows multiple cases over the past year of theft of expensive personal belongings of teachers, specifically from the Music department, such as phones, wallets and iPads; the perpetrator of which being caught.

Despite all that we do, the Trash is not going to lay blame for any of this at the Management's door, and neither are we going to the students'. We are merely reporting this news so that all students know of the crimes caused by their fellow kin. Yes, the Management could have spent some money on monitoring the corridor, but what kind of school should have to put up with criminality? What kind of student either? Since the ransacking on Thursday, students are no longer allowed to use the equipment in the Practice Rooms at break and lunchtime; the betrayal of trust of a few students has had a detrimental effect on all other students. If you are a student reading this, or even a parent of a student, do you think this is fair? Equally, the Trash is constantly fighting for more money for equipment, but how can we ask for more equipment when the gear we already have is being broken by those that we are fighting for it to be given to? Are you, as a student, feeling happy because you are being deprived equipment by other students?

We hope that the school does not view all students as the same as the few that committed the aforementioned offence last Thursday, as not all students carry the same affliction as the need for meaningless violence. With the facts presented for you here, we are sure you can form your own views on the matter.

DISCLAIMER: This Hampstead Trash article has been written to report on events that occurred of recent within the school. This is so all readers with a vested interest in the school can fully comprehend the events that transpire at Hampstead, and formulate their own opinions on matters pertaining to their education.

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