Monday, 8 December 2014

Head Seeks Help

The Trash has received word from the 6th form that today Hampstead was host to The Money Charity (a charity, we assume, that has money) celebrating touching their 100,000th student (not in a Jimmy Savile way, we hope).

We do not know what advice was given to the Head, but seeing as they are the Money Charity, we can only assume that he was 'advised' how to squirrel away £55,000 on Attendance, or how to get the most out of your Banner Budget.

They did not reveal in the event exactly who the 100,000th student they gave advice to was, nor as to who was counting, but unconfirmed reports named the Head as that (£)100k (and then some) student.

Along with cake, the charity offered counterfeit money (see below) to gullible idiots, who you would have thought would know the feel of a fake nugg, what with Cricklewood, and its new 'green spaces', so close.

Oldest man celebrates birthday.
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