Thursday, 23 July 2015

All Heil The Queen

BREAKING NEWS: The Buzz and The Buzz on Sunday have released a series of articles detailing the publication's recent discovery of secret childhood tapes in which the Head (of State), HRH Jacques I, is seen to partake in anarchistic activities. 

Despite deploring the ideologies of anarchism publicly, taking serious offence to the acts of 'mad writing' and 'fruity language', the footage sees a young Jacques attempting to get into the 100 club in Camden, wearing flares with his hair long. The ETC., the magazine seen as the monarch's mouthpiece, has yet to issue a comment, but is expected to by sometime next year.

In one of the scenes in the video, Jacques is seen singing, rather aptly, lyrics of the popular Sex Pistols song 'God Save the Queen'. Perhaps they were right, and the monarchy really is a 'fascist regime'.

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