Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Uniform Correction

Despite the incessant reminders about school uniform, the school has for the summer term published a (somewhat hastily assembled) guide to 'correct uniform'. Shame, then, that they couldn't also use correct punctuation and formatting.

Ignoring the doge-esque annotation of the photo of students wearing 'exemplary' uniform, the document had a knack of repeating itself, including the ardent belief that students should be wearing plain black footwear, but nothing vaguely comfortable, not least of which Dr Martens, which were originally designed for comfort.

Funny, then, that when at Hampstead, poster-girl (quite literally) and bastion of the school's creative alumni Zadie Smith was allegedly reported to have been a fan of the brand of boots in her student days. Then again, in those days you didn't need to be dressed for learning to do well for yourself. Et tu, Hampstead?

Spot the lack of formatting, or the need of a comma.

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