Thursday, 15 December 2016

An Ode To Mince Pies

Theresa May expressing her admiration for the British tradition of Quorn Mince Pies

Warm pastry with powdered top,
Crusty crust caked with crumbs.
How I love the leather sheen,
Oh how I love the inner juicy beans.
Slobber them over my mouth and YUM!
Another mince pie goes in my tum.
And when I think I've had enough,
Another one comes slinking in with crust.
I take a bite. Twice. Thrice!
This is so much better than the damn EU.
I hate them, I do! Who needs a single market,
They don't even sell mince pies, how's that for stark yeah?
I slide another one down my mouth,
If we stayed in the EU we'd go south.
And so, as my mince pies are gone,
I sigh a sigh of relief, and make more Brexit fun!
Love, Jack "lol what dat boi" Gough

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