Tuesday, 18 April 2017

What does the Election Mean for Us?

Just as you thought life was going pretty well - fresh from polishing off the last of your chocolate eggs and a two-and-a-bit week break not thinking about exams - or pretty badly - fresh from being sick from all that chocolate, back to the building site that is school after not revising for two-and-a-bit weeks - Theresa May came along with an extra special treat. Today at 11.15 a.m. Theresa May called a General Election to take place on the 8th of June.

Despite the fact that, thanks to the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, she can't actually do this without two-thirds of parliament agreeing, Jeremy Corbyn was quick to rise to the challenge, so the election will doubtless go ahead. As with any election, some A-Level students will be able to vote, but the majority of students will be spectators. However, what will the election mean for all students?

Even though Brexit will likely set the agenda and will make up the greater part of any manifesto, education policy will still make up part of the debate. The last seven years of Tory rule have seen massive upheavals in the examination system - a great many of them coming into full effect as of this year - as well as cuts to schooling across the board and state schools in inner-London like Hampstead in particular, so other parties may seek to reverse some of these changes or offer some wholly new ways of running the education system in this country.

In the coming months, like with the 2015 election, we will attempt to provide information about the policies of the local candidates and the national parties, specifically relating to education and students.

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