Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Queen's Speech Spells Doom for Grammar Schools

Plans for rules against the creation of new grammar schools in England to be relaxed have been scrapped by the new Tory government.

Theresa May had originally pledged in her election manifesto to undo the law that prohibits new grammar schools to be created, and laid out plans for new ones to be funded. However, after the disappointing election results for the Tories, achieving a minority government in parliament, many election pledges were rumoured to have been slimmed down so as to pass through the House of Commons without that majority.

The Queen's Speech said the government will "look at all options" for opening new schools, but that will not include removing the current ban on expanding selection. The controversial plan to stop free lunches for all infants is also absent.

The government, setting out its plans for the next two years, has not announced any legislation for education. Yet, the re-written plans now call for "every child to go to a good or outstanding school", but with the recognition that any changes will depend upon being able to "command a majority". There were also no plans for a new funding formula put forward in the speech, but it was said that these would be put forward at a later date. Equally, they said technical education would be upgraded.

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