Thursday, 5 October 2017

Losing The Keys to Learning

A recent decision to begin locking a number of classrooms/study spaces in the Sixth Form area has caused delays to Year 13 lessons, after they were left locked during scheduled lessons.

A number of classrooms that until recently were left unlocked during free periods for Sixth Form study are now being locked on a regular basis, in what appears to be a move to combat "irresponsible usage". However, the persistent unavailability of keys to the rooms is causing delays to lessons, in some cases taking up to 20 minutes of a lesson, requiring subject teachers to find other classrooms.

Three Year 13 classes and their teachers wait for the keys.
This particular situation is not entirely exceptional. Watching a teacher inquire about the keys to a classroom is a routine part of lesson for many, and while it largely takes very little time, it can drag on. Dealing with access to a classroom, or an alternate classroom, should occupy as little of a teacher's time as possible. Yet again however, because of systematic issues and management blunders, teachers are left with no choice but to consume time that could otherwise be put to teaching, and in this case has actually been explicitly designated for it.

Regardless of how much "irresponsible usage" of the SF rooms was taking place, trying to prevent it in the aim of somehow improving the Sixth Form is incredibly counterproductive if it actively hinders the provision of teaching. The haphazard decision making and poor communication typical of Management is plain to see here. So much for "every minute is a learning minute".

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