Sunday 6 October 2013

School unveils new Betting company

Having looked on jealously at all the money the "in-play" bookmakers have been making recently in the world of sport, and seeing a gap in the market, the Decapitated Head has opened up a betting company within the school as a way of funding his Bin Addiction. The name of this company has been announced as BetDO3, and will provide a variety of betting options on the school throughout the week. Below are a few examples:

A fight to happen at anytime - Evens
"C11 was late" to be used as an excuse when given a late detention - 2/1
Blazer-less person to be sent home before vital lesson - 3/1
Sacred DT Bottle to be restored - 12/1
Someone to get past the school gate with a shirt untucked - 25/1
Berlin Wall to be taken down - 10,000/1

Head to unblock The Trash, take down Girls Only Area - £10 bet wins £1,000,000

To ask for more odds, Talk to Jaques by tweeting @HampsteadTrash, and/or using the hashtag #InPlayWithJaques

DISCLAIMER: This article is a spoof, that uses crude humour to satirise the school. Gambling of any type is prohibited, unless it's money-up and it is done using school funds.