Monday, 13 January 2014

The Reichenbach Flop - Spoilers of newest episode of hit drama Szerlock

With Julie LaSange getting more and more ambitious, BBC hit series Szerlock has had it's latest plot-line leaked to us at The Trash.

Regular viewers would recognise villain Moriarty Gove from the end of Season 1, where he threatens Szerlock by the Swimming Pool (filled with Primary School children) before somehow escaping. We see him here again in a flashback to the Reichenbach Flop, where M. Gove takes Szerlock hostage on the roof of the Sixth Form Centre.

M. Gove had threatened to kill the person Szerlock held closest to his heart; Dr. Brookman H. Watson, his assistant, if Szerlock didn't jump to his death. To make sure Szerlock met the same fate, M. Gove shot himself (in the foot after yet another U-turn).

Eventually, Szerlock realises what he must do. He calls Dr. Brookman H. Watson, who is stood by the table-tennis tables near the DT block. Szerlock orders him to stay there, and to look directly at him, telling him "this is my 'note'."

Dr. Brookman H. Watson, thinking for a minute his 'note' is to get out of P.E, does nothing for a moment. Szerlock leaps off the side of the building, with a splash a few seconds after, whilst all the time Brookman looks on with horror. He sprints across the Quad, but runs into one of the benches and passes out. By the time he has awoken, the entire school has descended upon The Pond, where a dead body floats. One student notes: "Itz lyk dat time wot dere woz dat ded cat on Westbere, innit, but a guy".

That is where the old series ended, and this is where the EXCLUSIVE information comes into play:

We go forward two years. Dr. Brookman H. Watson, who has by now had a Paxman-esque midlife crisis and grown a moustache, is teaching a Physics lesson, and is having some equipment given to him, when he is sure he recognises the face of the new technician. It turns out to be Szerlock, back from the dead, who gets a smack round the face with a conical flask for his troubles.

Sat in the Year Room Cafe, Szerlock explains how he survived the Reichenbach Flop. In a plan he called "Operation Mailmerge":

It starts with Szerlock leaping off the side of the English block. However, he has a bungee lead attached to him, which stops him from hitting the ground when he goes behind the Site Office, which obscures Dr. Brookman H. Watson's view. This is where he strolls into the Reception, past a famed science technician, who is providing the dead body to substitute for Szerlock from his vast collection of Year 7's in the Biology Technician's room. He walks through the reception, beeping out whilst turning up the collar on his coat, and then walks to the bus stop in a mysterious fashion.

Eventually, Dr. Brookman H. Watson takes Szerlock back, and they return to solving untucked shirts at 221B Westbere Road.

Using our Functional Skills and our Creative iMedia here to generate precision photoshopping.

DISCLAIMER: This Hampstead Trash article is a spoof, that uses crude humour to satirise the faults, flaw and misdoings of the school.

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