Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Back from the Dead: SLUDGE Returns with a 100K Message

As I procrastinate in my squalid, dire excuse for accommodation, attempting to force myself to finish my Real Analysis homework I am reminded that this blog requires another post from me. Why am I breaking my vow never to write here again? Well, in true ceremonial fashion, a success is owed to be congratulated by an ‘established’ figure. Yes, we have 100,000 hits. And yes, it’s definitely me who is celebrating. Pop de champers and go wild, mad ramblings win once again.

No response to my open letter, and no official recognition from the institution failing to recognise the achievements and the importance of input from its staff and students.

A school which, upon first arrival celebrated individuality, identity and expression, is just now known as another North London comprehensive failing to fall in line with our government's demands. A stepping-stone, for careerist f***s to use to reach their goal in teaching the children of the bourgeoisie at some cushy private school. A factory, inoculating and dampening the minds of expressive young adults with ideals of conformism and egocentrism. Ironically failing to listen to the voices of its community whilst enforcing notions of respect on students. But enough of me reminiscing.

Whilst the voices of students nationwide go on unheard, from the need and plight for free further education to the struggle of mental health in young adults, this blog has leaped from one success to another. But the work is not done yet. This blog now needs you, to act and shout, to react and respond, to make sure your rights are respected. Success should not be only for this blog, but for all of you, and that won't happen till you fight for it.

Keep your language fruity and your ramblings mad, till next time.

With triumph and delight,

The percentage mark maths students
can achieve if they try really hard
in their mocks

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