Thursday, 24 September 2015

And So Again it Begins...

As the time of Open Days and prospective parents nosing around classrooms rolls around like the inevitable boulder in a perilous Indiana Jones scene, so does the expensive and over-inflated advertising the school produces. Already, as well as paying for an add in the Ham & High's glossy 'Education' supplement (which, in the blurb about West Hampstead, has never recognised Hampstead as a school), the school have paid for an advert on the C11 bus stop (see photo below) nearest the school, as if the massive, you know, school, wasn't advert enough in the area.

We have reported countless times on the cost of these adverts, and how it comes straight out of the school budget that is supposed to educate students. Don't forget, Hampstead is non-selective; it has no choice over the type of students that it takes in, so advertising seems to be a complete waste of money, and an expensive one at that.

Notice how it says 'Top 5%, instead of  'Top 2%' now?

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