Wednesday, 25 May 2016

n GIFs that show Shrinking Jellies represent Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Leadership

Whilst we've slagged off Buzzfeed before (once, twice, three times a cancer on journalism), and while we'd already dreamt up the funniest way of coming up with a fourth, this article by the actual Buzzfeed popped up on Facebook, making us more determined to finish this. Sadly, we chose a stupidly difficult thing to find GIFs of, so there aren't as many as real Buzzfeed's article, but it's just as big a waste of your time.

1. Here's Corbyn staring into the camera, knowing you want bigger jellies.
2. Jelly man from Monsters Inc slips through the grate, like Blairites from Jez's cabinet.
3. Corbyn celebrates his successful campaign against Tory jelly cuts.
4. Hand gestures showing how jelly sizes have been squeezed.
5. How Jellies used to shake in the good old Old Labour days of old.
6. Damn blues stealing our green-and-pleasant jelly.
7. The eternal fight of jellies of different political persuasions,
including the squashing of the worker's jelly by the Tories.
8. Blairite jellies cannot decide which way to lean.

DISCLAIMER: Jeremy Corbyn has no real policy on the shrinking of our jellies by the bourgeoisie, an election pledge sorely missed from the Labour manifesto. Abdi Corbyn, however, is fully in favour of the renationalisation and standardisation of the jellies.

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